Terms of Service

1  Definitions

Below are the definitions of the expressions used throughout this document:

1.1 Crann Og Eco Farm – The business operation and staff members at the farm.

1.2 Customer – a person who makes a booking with Crann Og Eco Farm.

1.3 Guest – a person who stays as part of a group.

1.4 Participant – a person who attends Crann Og Eco Farm for a scheduled event or retreat.

1.5 Deposit – The down payment of 30% to reserve a customers booking.

1.6 Balance – The remaining amount to be paid upon arrival, if the full amount has not been settled.


2  Bookings

2.1 Customers can book with Crann Og Eco Farm via our website, telephone and also through various online booking platforms.

2.2 A booking will only be confirmed once it has been accepted by Crann Og Eco Farm and a deposit has been lodged, marking the start of the Customer/Company contract.

2.3 When requesting a booking, customers will be asked for personal information, including, but not limited to; name, telephone number, email address and age of guests/participants.

2.4 Should the customer request to change any details of their booking Crann Og Eco Farm will try to accommodate the changes. The changes can only be made subject to availability.


3  Fees and payments

3.1 Upon the customer’s request Crann Og Eco Farm will quote a price. The quoted price will be the full charge for the requested booking.

3.2 The remaining balance for all customers shall be paid upon arrival without exception.

3.3 Any additional activities, requirements or guests will be added to the originally quoted price.

3.4 Deposit payments can only be made to Crann Og Eco Farm by our requested methods – Bank Transfer, PayPal or Euro Cheque.


4  Cancellations

4.1 Crann Og Eco Farm’s ‘Refund Policy’ will apply to any customer wishing to cancel a booking.

4.1.1 45-60 days prior to the start of your reservation, your payment, is 100% refundable

30-45 days prior to the start of your reservation, your payment, is 70% refundable

15-30 days prior to the start of your reservation, your payment, is 30% refundable

0-15 days prior to the start of your reservation, no refunds will be given

4.2 Crann Og Eco Farm’s ‘Refund Policy’ applies to all cancellations.

4.3 Crann Og Eco Farm reserves the right to cancel bookings in the event of unforeseen circumstances and will endeavour to inform customers at the earliest possible date.


5  Arrivals and departures

5.1 Guest arrivals are between 4pm-8pm.

5.2 Guest departures are strictly before midday on the last day of the booking.

5.3 Should guests wish to extend their stay Crann Og Eco Farm staff should be informed no later than the day prior to the end of the booking in question.


6  Personal Data

6.1 Crann Og Eco Farms treatment of data strictly follows the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 as required by EU Law.

6.2 Personal Data is only disclosed if requested by Irish regulatory authorities and only if such a request is permissable within the parameters and the ethos of the GDPR 2018 Regulations. Under no other circumstances will Personal Data be disclosed to third parties.