Retreat Activities – Unplugged Eco Yoga

Yoga, Meditation & Breath

Yoga, meditation and breath work sessions will be sprinkled throughout the duration of the retreat, led by our experienced instructor Marion Edler.  Marion teaches the Satyananda Yoga System, based on the Tantric system, which is one of the oldest sciences’ and philosophies of man exploring the process of expansion of mind, energy and consciousness.

It is a holistic system, developing body, mind and spirit. The key is awareness and equanimity as one moves deeper inwards to get in touch with ones true nature, rather than the identification with the conditioned personality.  The benefits for the physical body are more a welcomed side effect rather than it’s purpose.

While this Yoga system is appropriate for beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners, participants on this retreat should have some prior basic Yoga experience.  Follow this link to read about Yoga with Marion.

Nature Therapy Walks

True nature connection provides the purest and deepest source of wellness.  Nature connection happens by opening up to the senses rather than entertaining the mind.  Since the ill-effects of our technological era have become obvious, we acknowledge the essential need of humans for direct nature connection.

Nature and Forest Therapy Guides are trained to lead and accompany walkers into a deeper experience of nature than most people will allow themselves when simply going for a walk. Guides learn techniques and approaches to nature that they invite their fellow walkers to experience, each leading to a slowing down into the present moment where one’s perception is enhanced and expanded beyond the edges of their usual experience. We invite you to experience nature in ways that release restrictions to sense perception, and encourage you to perceive with additional senses, that for many of us in modern times remain forgotten, under utilised and potentially uncomfortable.  Follow this link to read about Nature Therapy Walks.


ReNature Retreats are multi-faceted and cultivate a heart based experience of life whereby the mind is regarded as a tool, rather than the author of our story.  Mindfulness practices and approaches are not about being caught up in the mind and thinking.  Rather such approaches are about being aware of all things, all thoughts and emotions as they arise and pass.  Awareness + wisdom in dispassionate compassion.

Furthermore, a mindful approach encompasses awareness of the why, or the causation behind the arising of thought and emotion and how these influence one’s choices and actions in the present moment.  We encourage our participants to bring this approach into all daily activities and experiences, from our Yoga practices to our wanderings to the way in which we eat and perceive abundance.  We offer it this way;  Where is the mind now?  And what is it doing?

Nature Arts & Crafts

We take great joy in in our nature arts and crafts, it’s so much fun!  So simple, so easily accessible, so rewarding.  Tactile fun, working with our hands, senses and creativity to make what ever is in us to do.  Playful, engaging and wonderful for group bonding.  We make space to liberate our playful natures and be like children again, being and playing with anything we can find in nature and shaping it with our creativity.

Working with nature’s shapes and materials is more than being creative.  It is releasing, relaxing and research demonstrates, it is directly effective on physical, mental and emotional well being.  The simple act of playing with soil with our hands can be emotionally and physically restorative, let alone playing with clay, wood, living willow, plants, seeds, nuts, fruits, leaves and many other materials.

Camp Fire & Storytelling

Our Hogan round house is a rustic off-grid structure that serves as a kitchen and dining cabin for ecotourists and campers.  We use it on our retreats for camp fire nights.  The Hogan is based on a North American Indian round house and is equipped with a chimney hole in the centre of the roof structure.  This allows for indoor camp fires even in bad weather.

Around the camp fire we can spend evenings enjoying storytelling and impromptu music.  We encourage participants to bring instruments, song and performance with them to share around the fire.  Group built, round the fire stories are a great laugh and often inspiring.  Marshmallows and camp fire bread are a treat.  Or simply a quiet night remembering ages past gazing into the camp fire, so simple yet so nurturing.  And often just simply great craic!

Sound Bath

Healing vibrations – 1.5 hours sound journey into deep relaxation!
Be bathed in the sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mantras, Tim shas, Wind Gong, Shakers & Energy Chime Bars.  Let go and feel your body, mind & soul relax and harmonise to the frequencies of the instruments.  These vibrations help to rejuvenate your body, inducing a deep, meditative state.
This is a wonderful experience for those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, it will be grounding and bring you back into your body, sensations and vibrations.  There are no known negative effects from sound energy healing and there is research demonstrating benefits.

Please let us know if you’re on any medication, in the early of stages pregnancy or have a pacemaker.

Healthy Eating

Catering for ReNature Retreats is totally vegetarian and we do our utmost to accommodate all dietary regimes.  Prepared for you by our very own resident staff, all meals will use ingredients sourced either from our own organic gardens, or local sources.

You will delight in the food we prepare with love and care each day.  Our approach to catering for our events is that the food we eat and prepare for our guests should be as nourishing as our reconnection to nature.  In fact it is an essential component of Unplug & ReNature being the source of health and energy required for the physical body to nurture and repair itself daily.

The food combined with the energy absorbed from the natural surroundings is essential to a deeper, more regenerating experience.  Pictured is a typical Crann Og salad, the sort of food we eat every day and that we will share with you!

Friendly Animals

Words can not describe adequately enough the effect our animals have on all who visit Crann Og Eco Farm.  They are part of our family, integral to the running of the place and our relationship with the land.

An ever present source of fun and companionship our animals are wise healers.  Their innate ability to sense the needs of we people, and their loving natures are evident in the smiles of faces, and words of many visitors.

Our loving dogs, horses, cats, sheep, chickens and ducks keep us grounded and remind us constantly of our completeness in nature.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to them all and to share in their naturally wise and loving company.

We often wonder, is it really our animals, trees and plants that are the impetus behind what happens at Crann Og and on ReNature Retreats, and that we are simply following their lead and wisdom!

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