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Links for Eco-Friendly, Education, Ecotourism & Conservation



county galway Ireland

Be Aware


…what’s the story?


ENFO – Ask About Ireland:   Interesting environmental info about Ireland.
UN Climate Change:   Their perspective.
Carbon Fund:   Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.
Climate Change Ireland:   An Irish perspective.
Real Climate Org:   A scientific debate.
The World Counts:   Environmental Degradation Statistics.

Shop Wise - buy eco friendly stuff !


World Centric Org:   All about reusable and compostable products.
SUMA Wholefoods:   Top wholefood supplier from whom we buy organic food in bulk and our personal soaps that we recommend and supply onsite.

Lily’s Eco Clean:   Eco friendly cleaning products that we use at Crann Og.
EcoVer Products:   More eco friendly cleaning products we use.
Faith in Nature Products:   Eco friendly personal hygeine products we recommend for use at Crann Og. We supply a limited amount onsite.


Conservation Organisations in Ireland

National Parks and Wildlife Service
Sonairte: The National Ecology Centre:   Interactive visitor centre promoting ecological awareness.
Forest Friends Ireland:   Protecting the forests of Ireland.
Invasive Species Ireland
Irish Wildlife Trust:   Conservation charity committed to raising awareness of Ireland’s rich natural heritage and protecting it for future generations.
The Woodland League:   Restoring the relationship between people and their native woodlands.

The Native Woodland Trust:    Dedicated to the preservation of our Ancient Woodlands and to the planting of new trees and woods all over Ireland.


Irish Ecotourism


Burrenbeo Trust:   Protecting the Burren, a magical and unique landscape.

Ecotourism Ireland:  Our certifying body.

Leave No Trace Ireland:  Outdoor ethics code of conduct.

Eco Active Ireland:  Comprehensive list of quality Ecotourism destinations in Ireland. We’re a Gold Member Destination!

Irish Center for Responsible Tourism

Green Destinations in Ireland that we recommend.

The Three Towers:   The Ecotourism Ireland Gold certified café and restaurant – Co Galway.
Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat Centre:   Yoga retreats, treatments, organic food, event space – Co Leitrim.
Creevy Self-catering cottages:   Local wildlife, nature tours, walking – Co Donegal.
Rock Farm Slane Ecotourism:    Glamping, holistic treatments, walking tours, organic food, sustainable travel (electric bikes) – Co Meath.


Global Ecotourism


The International Ecotourism Society:   The defining body regarding international ecotourism.
Hostels Guide:   A helpful website for planning any budget holiday. Hostel database for all hostels worldwide.

Green Destinations International that we recommend.

Ecolodge Brejeira:   In the center of the Algarve, Portugal, this ecolodge offers nights in a yurt, a gypsvan and other unique experiences.
Wild at Heart eco-holidays:   Unique wildlife watching trips, nature retreats and family holidays, Inverness, Scotland.
Eco Guest House Wales:   Authentic sustainability focus, sustainable energy, eco-friendly travel well supported – Wales.
EcoPod Holidays:    Something out of the norm, sustainable building, reclaimed materials, glamping – Peak District UK
Beacon Bank Farm:   Organic, eco tourism, Stafford UK.
The Eco Lodge:   Family friendly, simple approach, basic accommodation, walking/cycling, treatments, sustainable energy – Lincolnshire, UK.
Mill Meadow :  Luxurious Eco Self Catering Accommodation in Somerset, UK.
URNature:    Wildlife, reconnection with nature, forest living, natural materials, artistic design – Sweden.
Can Marti Eco/Agrotourism:    Eco-agriculture, sustainable energy, natural activities – Ibiza, Spain.
Wonderful Land:    Peaceful, simple, natural, nature, games and activities – Portugal.




The Global Sustainable Tourism Council:  Everything we need to know about sustainable ecotourism around the world and in Ireland.

Sustainable Ireland:  A guide to sustainability-minded organisations, websites, events and products in Ireland.

Sustainable Tourism Ireland:  Encouraging responsible tourism in Ireland.


Place Based Learning


At Crann Og Eco Farm we are transitioning towards a place based learning, and nature school educational experience.  Much of our ecotourism revolves around this for families.  We hope to position ourselves in the near future to be a provider of place based learning for children, teens and adults alike in West Ireland.
Burrenbeo Trust:   The Burren National Park – a learning landscape.

Cloughjordan Ecovillage:   A diverse group of people creating an innovative new community in Tipperary.
Cultivate – Living and Learning:  Goings on and training at Cloughjordan EcoVillage.
Centre for EcoLiteracy:   An increasing number of teachers are embracing place-based learning as a strategy…
The Foundations of Place-based Learning:   “If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.” – Wallace Stegner
Community Based Learning:  What is Community Based Learning, Campus Engage Paper for Educators.