Mushroom Forage

Mushroom Forage

Wild Food Mary & Jack Roberts

What a joyous day we spent in the woods with Wild Food Mary and Jack Roberts foraging for mushrooms and wild food.

It was a very grounding and relaxing experience to be in the woods for most of the day learning from two local experts all about fungi.  We spent the day learning from these folk and then applying our new found knowledge as we embarked on what felt like a treasure hunt in nature.

Mary provided much local info about all the most edible fungi to be found.  Jack complimented this with additional local knowledge and deeper research into fungi and the roe of mycelium in the woods.

And the day culminated in a feast cooked by ourselves from all the goodies we had foraged that day!  Absolutely delicious and such a joy to eat food we found in the wilderness, and cooked together!

Sloe Gin – Great for Christmas!

Sloe Gin – Great for Christmas!

How To

Tip: Pick Sloes after the first frost and use straight away or pop into the freezer over night for a mock frost. This should split the skins, making it easier to release the juices into the gin. Some people recommend pricking the skin but that is not necessary when they were frozen.


  • Sloes, fresh or frozen
  • Gin
  • Sugar


  1. If you are using frozen sloes, let them thaw a bit.
  2. Fill up a jar/bottle half way with sloes.
  3. Top up with gin.
  4. Add two tablespoons of sugar.
  5. Shake for about a minute until the sugar is dissolved.
  6. Store jar/bottle on it’s side in a cool and dark place. (Or in a brown paper bag)
  7. Turn the jar/bottle around every second day.
  8. You can strain and drink it after two months but the longer you leave it, the better it gets!

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